Free Android games available in M88’s Marketplace

Mobile game enthusiasts will have a new place to get their fix now that we have just launched our very own appstore; The Mobile88 Marketplace features a collection of paid and free Android games as well as themed wallpapers for you to download. Though it’s still a baby, we already have over a hundred games now waiting to be downloaded so come on over and check the store out!

As an appetizer, here are 3 absolutely free games for you to download and play in no time!


Zombie Derby


The world has been infected with a zombie outbreak. Instead of the usual “shoot ‘em up” and “hack ‘n’ slash” when it comes to dealing with those pesky, brain-eating nuisance, we now “mow them down!” Pick a vehicle, from the trusty pick-up truck to the monster “Harvester”, arm it to the teeth ala Death Race-style and start mowing your way through the hordes of undead! Until the fuel runs out, of course.

Download Zombie Derby


Golden Black Jackgolden_blackjack_banner_malaysia_mobile88_free_marketplace-02

Feels like playing a round of Black Jack but there is nobody around to play with? Fret not. With this game, you can take a round of Black Jack in your pocket with you whenever you go. Got caught in a long queue? Just whip out your phone and start black jack-ing away!

Check out Golden Black Jack and boring waiting time will be a thing of the past.

Jewel Explosion


Color-matching games like Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled are so popular nowadays and here is one for you to test your jewel-matching skills to the hilt. Featuring colorful gems and several unique game modes besides the standard time attack, this one will have you addicted and coming back for more.

Blast those gems away now with Jewel Explosion.


Who knows, you might just find the next addictive game to keep you company throughout the day. See what our marketplace now at

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