Crazy Moba Online: Ancient defending

The original Defense of the Ancients became a global sensation, and since then, games like League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth have come to exist alongside, until Dota 2 was introduced. Throwing its hat into the ring is Crazy Moba Online (CMO).



In case you’re wondering, CMO what most people would call a “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena,” or MOBA for short (hence the Moba in its name. The gist of it is that you control one Hero unit in a team of five against another team of five Heroes on a single map. The ultimate goal is to destroy the enemy’s central structure, usually referred to as the ‘throne’. Along the way, you will have to take out towers that fire projectiles at you, as well as enemy minions.

Each Hero has a set of abilities, where the improvements come from leveling up. Experience can be obtained to slaying a variety of things on the map: enemy minions, bigger neutral AI units in various spots, or enemy Heroes. Success in this deparment nets you gold, which you can use to augment your heroes with a plethora of weapons and items.

The best part of these sort of games is that every hero has a particular playstyle which you can sometimes mix about; Skill sets and equipment can be experimented with, to ensure that no one hero will play the same in every game, if you so choose.


CMO’s strength of not requiring a download by the player is also the cause of its weakness. Graphically, the game is competent enough that you actually know what’s going on, but it’s hardly what you call eye candy.  The heroes themselves are rather generic-looking as well, lacking any personality whatsoever.



There’s a lot to like in Crazy Moba Online, if you’re into this sort of games. The convenience of being able to fire up the game anywhere without worrying about your machine’s specifications is one of this game’s key strengths. As the game is currently in closed beta, we expect more polish to it sometime down the line, with the addition of more heroes to spice things up. As it is right now, there’s little here that other games of its ilk do not already offer.


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