Best Zombie Games on the Android

If you’ve been wanting to beat up undead on your Android device, but there’s just too many to choose from? Here’s some of the best ones you can get as you practice for the future apocalypse.

Android Zombie

The Walking Dead

It probably would be bad to make a list of zombie games without including The Walking Dead. Robert Kirkman is one of the guys behind this game, giving it the comic book design that everyone would be familiar with, somewhat like Borderlands as well.

You follow Lee Everett, a convicted criminal, as your decisions influence the game and your relationship with an orphaned girl Lee works to protect. This is only the first of the five episodes, or six, counting the “special”; they can be purchased through the app. It’s over 1GB big so it’s best you use wi-fi to download it. The Walking Dead is rated M.


Into the Dead

This game is notable for the fact that it’s an Editor’s Choice with some big guy in Google having it in their favourites, though reports of issues with the game after updates and that it asks for your email address for other special rewards could detract from it.

You play as a survivor in a post apocalyptic, zombie infested world. Fight and run and remain a survivor. You can choose your controls, either by tilting, touch or by “thumbstick”. Weapons and bonuses are unlocked as you go through the game, which also open up perks and companions. You can also challenge your friends to beat your score.


Zombie Tsunami

This is one of the more light hearted zombie game entries with its simple graphics and gameplay. It’s an endless runner where you start out solo on the streets, and slowly you build up your horde as you come across survivors. Knock those vehicles down, eat those brains and get those power ups and bonuses to make more chaos.


Dead Trigger

A mysterious plague has infected the people of the Earth and have become beings just wanting to wreck things and kill off survivors. You don’t just look out for yourself, you have to protect others too. In fact in your first mission you need to clear the path of monsters to get the survivors to a safe place. Kill those zombies in any way the game offers you, be it cutting them up, using explosives or the good old shooting.


Zombie Evil

This is a little cartoonish zombie shooter which may not look as “serious” as the other entries, but is still great fun. Unlock levels and more weapons as you go through wormholes chasing the big bad Dr Evil and his zombie minions and save the earth in the process.


Plants vs Zombies 2

Most would probably need no introduction to the franchise, but it’s a lane tower defense where you grow plants to fight off the zombies that slowly shamble towards the end of the row. Find the best combinations to fight off the waves through the regular story levels and some endless ones too.


Zombie Gunship

This is another top pick on Google Play, where you control the guns on an AC-130 to blast those zombies and get the survivors to the bunker. You’ve got 3 weapons to pepper those zombies with – a 105mm Howitzer, 40mm Bofors gun and a 25mm Gatling gun. Each gives a tighter zoom as you go through them, and are naturally upgradable with the coins you earn or buy through in-app purchases.

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