Best videogame babes of 2013

The year has almost come to an end, and for us gamers, it’s been a great time for video games as well. There are many reasons that make a game good, but a lot of the times having a great female character in it would make the game even better. Here we honour the best ladies in videogames for the year:

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Ayane (Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge)


There’s something about female ninjas that gets us going. Be it the mysterious allure or the clothing that they put on, there’s no denying they make up some of the best videogame characters. There are many like her, but Ayane is definitely our favourite. Her icy cold persona goes well with her role as a kunoichi, and her gear of choice makes it very difficult for us to take our eyes off her.

Zatanna (Injustice: Gods Among Us)


We’re not fans of the western comic book scene, but every once in a while, they’re able to create something that is able to turn our heads towards their direction. There are actually quite a few ladies featured in Injustice, but after much debate, we’ve finally settled on Zatanna. To be honest, we’ve not heard of her until we actually played the game, but what caught our attention was that she looks like the magician’s assistant who’s taken centre stage by herself through actually having the powers.

Shaundi (Saints Row 4)


Attitude-wise, Shaundi’s demeanor shifted drastically between Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third. As of the third game, she seemed to have matured physically, emotionally, and in terms of combat skill compared to the drugged-out, apathetic, hedonistic “hippie” archetype she was attributed to be. Shaundi now appears to be somewhat of the ” most sensible” type, and takes her tasks very seriously. Shaundi expresses her feelings very strongly, and seems to have no problem with demeaning another person – regardless if they’re friends or not. In essence, she’s the most down to earth character on this list, which is why we love her (in addition to her being really attractive, of course)

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

Lara Croft

Among all the entries, Lara Croft is by far the most popular, and rightfully so too, as she has been the subject of many gamers’ wet dreams since making her debut nearly two decades ago. After having received a reboot not too long ago, Lara Croft has also gone through yet another makeover, though it features her during a time before she became the adventurer we knew. The new Lara does get some getting used to, but we managed to ultimately warm up to the more human version of one of video gaming’s most popular heroines.

Merurulince Rede Arls (Atelier Meruru)

Merurulince Rede Arls

Tired of sheltered castle life, the princess of Arls seeks a life of adventure and excitement. Princess Merurulince (known simply as “Meruru”) is a curious girl with a friendly and bubbly personality. She often ignores her royal duties to sneak out of the castle, much to the dismay of her father Lord Dessier and Meruru’s mentor Rufus. She is fascinated with the outside world, and has taken a keen interest in the study of alchemy. Meruru’s dream is to become an alchemist under the teachings of Totooria Helmold. Meruru often sneaks to “Miss Totori’s” workshop, knowing that her father will not willingly let her practice alchemy. Meruru takes the classic princess trope and turns it on its head, as she goes about doing what she believes in despite her royal position. And did we mention how cute she happens to be as well?

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