Best Gaming Controllers for Android

Let’s face it, while viable as gaming is on the mobile, touchscreen controls will always get in the way as it limits the kind of games that is put on the system. Thankfully, manufacturers have been aware of this fact, which is why you have an abundant of third party game controllers that you can hook up to your device of choice. We run through some of the better options:

MOGA Pro Controller

Moga Pro Controller

The best part of the MOGA Pro by PowerA is that your phone will be held in place. There’s a strip of plastic down the center of the controller that flips open to an adjustable grip for Android smartphones up to 82mm.

The controller is also HID-compatible, so you can use it just like any other controller. The HID (Human Interface Device) compatibility allows for the individual keys to be mapped for things like emulators, mimicking the feel of an actual game console controller.

Nyko PlayPad Pro

Nyko Playpad Pro

Gamers will find that the layout of the Nyko PlayPad Pro is very similar to that of an Xbox 360 controller, albeit a little more rigged in styling.

Connecting the PlayPad Pro to your device is rather straightforward, as you’ll be using Bluetooth. Nyko has a complementary app which goes by the name of Playground, though it’s been receiving flak for not functioning properly at all.



If neither of the options above are attractive to you, simply because of its design, the GameKlip is an affordable adapter that lets you attach a Playstation 3 controller to your smartphone. Don’t be fooled by its appearance, thoug. The GameKlip is well built and holds your smartphone convincingly enough, and we’re talking about devices as big as the Galaxy Note 3.

While pretty simple in construction, the Gameklip blends so well with your smartphone that you can forget it’s even there. The best part of course, is the fact you are pairing it with one of the best game console controllers in the market right now.

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