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Not content with poking fun at the antics of the celebrity brat pack, you can now participate in an absurd game of celebrity darts which raises the bar on Hollywood feuds to a whole new level. Don’t just sling mud at them, poke them for real with the sharp end of a dart.


Bitme Spurs

The reigning queen of the game, Bitme, loves a challenge and despite hectic social commitments, juggles bringing up her family and her professional darts career with equal aplomb. After some R&R at her favourite rehab clinic, she is back on the darts circuit with a sporty new hairdo.

Tom Screws

This ageing superstar seems past his prime and winning the world championship seems a mission impossible. Tom still commands a large fan following, namely his wife and kid, and may still pull some surprises, especially if the darts championships are aired on a TV talk show.

Milkin Jakson

The current champion from Mars, Milkin attributes his success to living on another planet. Years spent in his new home have ‘alienated’ some of his old supporters, but Milkin is still one of the most recognized stars in the Hollywood circuit with his signature style and plastic nose.

Paris Shilton

Taking up darts after a very successful career as a home video star, Paris Shilton has quickly climbed the ranks to join Bitme Spurs as a leading role model for the growing league of young darts fans from around the world. Shy and reclusive, Paris is known to enjoy the simple life.

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