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With strange , but cute graphics , the fantasy world of the Eternity's Child Universe comes to life in this game for mobile phones. With the lead character , Angel , an orphan living in the orphanage , under the guidance of his friend the professor. Angel was so named having had wings at birth , but winged creatures are condemned to death in this universe as considered as demons , so the professor cut off Angels wings , to save his life , and has befriended him ever since.In this adventure Angel sets out on his travels , escaping , and leaving the orphanage behind him , looking for his friend the Professor who is missing. He will come across many strange and wonderful creatures , many of them mechanical , as most flesh and blood animals were destroyed many years ago when the world was covered in water. It is said that one creature managed to keep his wings , and he has many minions working for him who are extreme , and will try to destroy any creature who does not have wings , and it was he , who created many of the mechanical creatures Angel may come across in his travels.So travel with Angel , and battle the evil creatures he comes across on his adventures across the Eternity's Child Universe. A truly unique , phone game from artist Luc Bernard , working with Alten8.
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