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Game Desc
Alten8 presents an exclusive JAVA phone game to them, from the developers Corelane.

Unleash your imagination in Opal's Quest, a medieval fantasy RPG, and explore the Faerhen Earths in search of your worst enemy, the cruel troll Mephisto.

Visit many towns and villages, and travel through deep forests, forgotten ruins and hidden dungeons. During your journey, you will have to battle fearsome creatures, avoid deadly traps and resolve many riddles, but fortunately you will meet friendly and weird characters ready to help you in your quest.


* Explore many interior and exterior places, from towns and villages to forests, ruins, mines and dungeons.
* Get ready for a few hours adventure.
* Real-time rain weather effect.
* Meet many friendly and funny characters who will guide you through your quest.
* Battle fearsome monsters, like orcs, chelobs, dwarf shadows and many more.
* Level up your equipment in shops: buy powerful swords, tough armors, bows, magical scrolls, and potions.
* Beware of poison, fire and ice threats. They can affect your enemies, but you too.
* Resolve many riddles, and use your mind as well as your sword.
* Use your environment, switches and mechanisms to enable or disable traps, open doors and find secret passages. Use them, but use them judiciously.
* Drink mimic potions to take your enemies appearance and fool them.
* Fight Mephisto and save your beloved Celenha!

Note - game files are over 200KB, which some phones do not allow to download over wap, so if your phone is one of these please download via PC / Bluetooth, thank you.
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