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Game Desc
The era of mobile strategy games has begun! In 8 enthralling missions you must try to put the opponent's units to rout. Powerful tanks, track vehicles and infantry can help you with this challenging task. Use the snow-covered terrain to your advantage and move strategically smart. Make sure to strike as quick as a flash whenever the enemy is within range of fire.

Step by step you will get closer to the enemy's headquarters - and skill combined with some luck will lead your army to victory!

* Round-based strategy game
* Hexagon view
* 8 missions per campaign
* 4 multiplayer scenarios ("Hothand")
* 6 units, each with individual characteristics
* Various terrains
* Energy display
* Fight animations
* AI
* Instructions
* Varying mission objectives
* Status summary after each round
* Mini-map
* Score is automatically saved
* Easy handling
* Sound effects, voice and vibration (depending on device)

Instructions / Controls:
May the better strategist win!

Every unit has an amount of actionpoints and energy. Movement and attack consume actionpoints. The number of deployed action points and the respective ground, on which the unit stands, determine the outcome of the battle. In singleplayer-mode you compete round wise against the computer and play a campaign of consecutive missions of increasing difficulty. Try to accomplish the respective mission's objective to get to the next mission.

In multiplayer-mode it's your task to eliminate all of your opponent's units!
Player's units: Infantry, Transporter, Tank.
Opponent's units: Antitank, Jeep, Tank.
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