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Game Desc
The almost impassable dunes are the stage for absorbing fights with enemy divisions of mobile antiaircraft, tanks and bombers. Defend your vital reinforcement convoy, hold your position at all costs and prepare yourself for the greatest battles of your career! Only with a masterful strategy and the right tactical decisions you will strike back the hostile forces and lead them into your trap. Send your battle tested fighters over the cleft mountains where no tracked vehicle could pass - but beware! Your enemy will use the terrain at his own advantage, too. So you have to conquer the fortified places step by step in the plains and cities with tanks and artillery! Your strategic leadership will determine the outcome of the entire campaign! Your brave troops will follow your orders obediently. As a leading commander of the armed forces you can become a real desert hero!

* Round-based strategy game
* Hexagon view
* 8 missions per campaign
* 4 multiplayer scenarios ("Hothand")
* 6 units, each with individual characteristics
* Various terrains
* Energy display
* Fight animations
* AI
* Instructions
* Varying mission objectives
* Status summary after each round
* Mini-map
* Score is automatically saved
* Sound effects, voice and vibration (depending on device)

Instructions / Controls:
May the better strategist win! Every unit has an amount of action points and energy.

Movement and attack consume action points. The number of deployed action points and the ground on which the unit stands determine the outcome of the battle. In singleplayer-mode you compete round wise against the computer and play a campaign of consecutive missions of increasing difficulty. Try to accomplish the respective mission's objective to get to the next mission. In multiplayer-mode it's your task to eliminate all of your opponent's units!

Player's units: Artillery, Fighter plane, Tank
Opponent's units: Mobile anti-aircraft, Fighter-bomber, Tank
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