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Game Desc
In our flight academy you had to prove your skills. But now you have to convince everyone how good you really are. Our commander asked for urgent reinforcement. 95% of his pilots were shot at the sky. We have to win this fight, because this battle is very crucial for this war. If you can not stop the enemy retaliation - no one can! Strengthen your crew on hostile terrain and destroy the opponent! By the way, watch out for the storms at this season. These are not to be underestimated under any circumstances! As a reward you can get the marksman cross for exemplary accuracy of fire, the bravery medal in gold for more than four hits, or earn the golden honor star of first class for outstanding achievements. Beware of the worst case and don't dare to disappoint us! We wish you best of luck.

* Action loaded air battles
* Top view shooter
* 360? movement
* Intelligent flight behavior of the opponents
* 10 exciting missions
* Medal for special achievements
* Training mode
* Transfer your pilot with the help of a code to other parts of the Aces series
* Highscore
* Automatic savegame function
* Easy handling
* Sound effects, voice and vibration (depending on device)
Instructions / Controls:
Save the honor of your squadron! Steer your plane through hostile territory and try to eliminate the planes as well as the espionage balloons of the enemy. The harder the combatant the more points you are credited. But beware, the foe is heavily armed and will fight you tooth and nail! If you're successful you will be decorated. Should you leave the known territory the plane will return automatically.
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