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Game Desc
Cheers! Ever thought to work at a beer fest delivering beer? Now you have the possibility to offer a really special service to the thirsty customers. Get the high-pressure beer blaster, fill in fresh and cool Bavarian beer and start working. Beer tent or beer garden, it's no piece of cake as everybody wants to have his shot. You can't enjoy the typical atmosphere, traditional food or the music as your customers are demanding more and more of your delicious beer. Instead you have to concentrate yourself and shoot precisely. The next customer is waiting. Hurry up!

* Funny action game
* Typical Bavarian style and atmosphere
* Innovative game concept
* Original sound effects in the typical Bavarian beer garden style
* Detailed graphics
* Intuitive controls
* Highscore

Instructions / Controls:
Beer time! Use your beer-cannon to serve beer in a slightly different way. Don't waste your time with glasses or mugs - shoot the beer directly into the mouths of your customers! Prepare for some exciting seconds because the beer garden is full of thirsty guests! More info at:

Every table in the beer garden has a number. Press the corresponding key to serve the customers at this table. But wait until your guest opens his mouth. Only then you will receive points, otherwise you miss and points are subtracted. New guests may appear in the upper row of the game field. They want beer, too. Be sure not to miss them! If you are playing in the professional mode you can gather more points by serving guest after guest without making errors. Try to serve as many customers as possible within the given time!
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