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Game Desc
Prove yourself in thrilling naval battles in the Caribbean Sea! Fight for gold, rum and honour being the notorious Beauty Bill or the bold Bonny LaGrace. Sink your opponents' ships with cannonballs or by ramming them till there is nothing left but swimming hullplanks. Collect abandoned treasury chests with various extras but be aware of hidden bombs, unpredictable winds or dangerous swirls.

Pirates Ahoy is a funny and enthralling action game for up to four gamers in the hothand-mode and is absolutely easy to control (one-thumb game). Brilliant graphics, cool sound and changing maps will grip your attention for the next couple of days. Show your friends that you alone are the real nightmare of the Caribbean!


* Absolutely easy to control
* Four characters with distinct AI behaviour
* Cute graphics in the Caribbean style
* Hours of fun for up to four players at the same time (hothand-mode)
* Randomly generated maps
* Pirat-O-Mat (a different form of selecting the characters)
* Unpredictable incidents (wind and swirl)
* Demo mode
* Treasury chests with various extras
* Sound effects, voice and vibration (depending on the device)
Instructions / Controls:

Ahoy! Defeat in the single player mode mighty computer pirates or fight fierce sea battles with up to three enemies in the multiplayer mode. Goal of the game is to become the best pirate within a certain number of rounds (multiplayer) or to survive as long as possible against the computer (single player). A move consists of three parts: Choosing the direction, selecting the distance and an attacking mode in which a ship within reach is attacked.

You control the ship using only one single key. Wind will influence the direction of the ship, you'll find a wind-indicator at the top right side of the display. Be aware of dangerous swirls which might let your ship drift off. After each move an overview shows the condition of the ships, gold coins collected and the current special for each pirate.

You get gold and full energy if you destroy the enemy's ships by cannonballs. It's also possible to sink other ships by ramming them but note that your ship will be considerable damaged by such a manoeuvre as well! The sea dog able to withstand the attacks of the others the longest wins the round. If you sink a ship you'll get a gold coin for each player taking part. If you win a round you'll get two coins for each.

In case your ship sinks due to a collision with another ship or a bomb or it runs aground you lose as much gold coins as player taking part. The player having the most gold in its treasure chest wins the game. More info at
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