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Game Desc
Times have been peaceful in this barren desert after the Dark Zone had left the Valley of Origin shifting its darkness over the enormous mountain ranges of Dolorres. The guerillas had retired long ago to this harsh planet with its seven moons to escape from the relentless tyranny of the machines. A lot of time had passed since then and for the fourth generation the fights of their ancestors had become mere adventurous histories.

But those histories would soon become the horrible reality of the guerrillas again. Yorgor, the powerful leader of the Yorgs, had sent out his troops once again to raid the galaxy in order to increase his power. They had the order: no survivors! Once his mighty combat machines had landed on Dolorres, they left nothing but a blood-soaked battlefield and horror behind.

Daria was the last descendant of the royal family whose oath had been to eliminate once and for all Yorgor and his ruthless warriors. Put yourself in Daria's shoes and liberate the guerillas from the bestial rule of the machines. Features:

* Thrilling science fiction story with a gripping gameplay
* 3 different scenarios (desert, ice, outer space)
* 9 missions to fight during the campaign
* 9 units, each with individual characteristics
* Multiplayer scenarios ("Hothand")
* Dynamic Unit System e. g. fight with the units of the enemy
* Energy display
* Fight animations
* AI
* Instructions and briefings before, during or after each mission
* Minimap
* Autosave of the current result
* Intuitive controls
* Sound effects, voice and vibration (depending on the device)
Instructions / Controls:

May the better strategist win! Every unit has an amount of action points and energy. Movements and attacks consume action points. You can speed up the movement of a unit by pressing a key while the unit is moving. The number of deployed action points and the respective ground on which the unit stands, determine the outcome of the battle.

The more commando stars a unit has the stronger it will be. Units without commando stars are inactive thus cannot be attacked. If the unit of the leader will be destroyed during a mission, the mission will be lost. In the singleplayer-mode you compete round wise against the computer playing a campaign of consecutive missions of increasing difficulty.

Accomplish the respective mission's objective to get to the next. In the multiplayer-mode it's your task to eliminate all of your opponent's units!
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