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Game Desc
You are Hocus and your ardent desire is to become a great magician. But be careful! Your classmate Pocus tries everything to get you framed. Perform powerful charms and spells combining magic stones and learn to use the secret Four Elements. Useful extras and mysterious ghosts will assist you on your dangerous trip through the enormous kingdom. If you have the guts to help farmers or fight against terrible creatures then follow Hocus in to a fantastic world full of myths and magic. Welcome to Spellboys!


* Innovative puzzle game with an unusual game play
* Countless levels, 50 with a thrilling story
* Tutorial
* Easy controls with just one key (one-thumb game)
* Dynamic difficulty level which adjust to the experience of the player
* 2 Game modes (story/ professional mode)
* Different scenarios with beautiful graphics
* 13 different extras and 15 different stones
* Atmospheric sounds and vibration (depending on the device)

Instructions / Controls:

It's magic! Two boys start out to study the mystic ways in the magic academy. With skill and devotion Hocus and Pocus are crediting their master. Mystic stones are dropped and secret spells are cast. Accompanied by a firework of magical effects the two boys stride through the land to rediscover the lost essence of magic itself! More info at:

Game modes

The story mode is telling the tale of Hocus and Pocus. When completing a level all stones are cleared from the field and all specials are reset. The arcade mode is telling no story. Stones remain in the field and specials remain active when completing a level. Each game mode has its own highscore and savegame.


There are two types of combinations. Simple combinations are solved if three or more stones of the same colour and form are arranged horizontally. All stones of the same type that are connected to this combination horizontally or vertically are solved, too. The objective combination consists of 3 to 5 horizontally or vertically arranged stones. A small scroll shows how this combination has to be arranged.

The objective combination has to be built in order to complete a level. The objective combination is hidden at the start of each level. Each simple combination reveals one stone of the objective combination.

Once all stones of the objective combination are revealed the level can be finished. You get points for each combination. Chain reactions are awarded with double the points. The test tube in the upper right corner of the screen indicates the current bonus value.

The higher this value the more points you get for solving combinations. dropping a stone into the field will reduce the bonus value. Once the bonus value is empty, the next combination will yield no points. After solving a combination the bonus value is reset. Furthermore there are positive and negative special stones. If a positive special is active, it can be replaced by a negative one. If a negative special is active, it cannot be replaced.
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