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Game Desc
Annoyed with Arkanoid? Well, here's Ark-Annoyed!

This is Arkanoid re-worked for anybody who's bored of the same old hum-drum Arkanoid clone. Something new with a bat, a ball and a brick!


* Quick-fire, unique re-worked gameplay
* None of the standard Arkanoid stereotypes
* Ball Lock and Ball Warp features
* Up to four players competition mode
* High scores, on your phone and online from

We've taken Arkanoid and stripped out all the standard Arkanoid stuff and replaced it with brand new gameplay. Gone are the daunting levels with loads of bricks and the frustration of not being able to hit the last few.

How to Play

Move the bat left and right with 4 and 6 and use 5 to fire the ball off at the start.

You only ever see one brick on the screen at a time, at the top right of the screen there is a number ticking down - this is the score for hitting the brick.

You have to hit the brick with the ball before the timer reaches 0. Hit the brick and a new smaller brick will appear, which will be worth more points.

If it looks like you won't hit the brick anytime soon, try the warp feature. Press 5 while the ball is in the air to randomly warp it to somewhere else on the screen. Lock the ball for an extra life!

Beware, this is very addictive!

Game Snacks games are designed for the new wave of casual mobile phone gamer. Simple, fun, Quick, multiplayer, high scoring and Free! You can always do better and you'll always have time for one more go.

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