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Mobile Phone Price List

Mobile88 presents the Malaysia's most comprehensive price list for all your favourite mobile phones such as Samsung, Apple, etc. We update our price list daily to ensure that you are updated with latest prices!
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  Tablet / Phone RRP
RRP = Recommended Retail Pricethe meaning of RRP
AP = Approved Permit Phone Price. It is not distributed by the authorised distributors.the meaning of RRP
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Member's Buy/Sell = Price posted by membersthe meaning of RRP
Nokia 3
User rating:
RM 599
to RM 614
Motorola Moto C
User rating:
RM 399
to RM 414
Motorola Moto C Plus
User rating:
RM 539
to RM 554
Motorola Moto E4
User rating:
RM 639
to RM 654
Motorola Moto E4 Plus
User rating:
RM 799
to RM 814
Motorola Moto G5 Plus
User rating:
RM 1,279
to RM 1,359
Motorola Moto M
User rating:
RM 999
to RM 1,029
Motorola Moto Z
User rating:
RM 2,698
to RM 2,778
Motorola Moto Z Play
User rating:
RM 1,798
to RM 1,878
Motorola Moto Z2 Play
User rating:
RM 1,999
to RM 2,079
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