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Panasonic VS2

Panasonic VS2
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Retail Price: RM 720
AP Price: RM 540 - 555
Fusing a radical head-turning design with the right mix of features for discerning mobile phone users, the Panasonic VS2 is alluring and the definitive fashion talking-point with its gently curved clamshell, slender frame and chic 2-tone finish.

With it,s a brilliant 2.2 inch QVGA TFT LCD screen with a living kaleidoscope of hues (all of 16 million colors*), the VS2 simply smolders with pure intensity. Even under strong sunlight, the phone display remains just as bewitchingly vibrant, thanks to its advanced LCD software processing, powered-up backlight and its impressive 300 candela per square meter (cd/m2) component*

Camera fans will find the built-in 1.3-megapixel digital 4x zoom a useful tool to go with their spontaneity. Its excellent 15-frame continuous shooting function emulates the stop-motion animation concept and takes snapshots in quick succession without the hassle of manually pressing the ,shutter, key. Users can simply pick the best of all the pictures at the end. The camera can also go ,macro, and allow the user to get up-close with subjects, producing crisp larger-than-life snapshots sans the blurriness.

Users looking for some action on the go can also enjoy adrenaline-filled Java games in full high-res glory. Rein Sonic through challenge after challenge as he beats game obstacles and fights nemesis Dr Eggman in Sega,s quintessential classic platform game of all time, Sonic The Hedgehog®. This is the very first time SEGA,s Sonic The Hedgehog® has been installed on any handset - telling of the landmark alliance between Panasonic and SEGA.

For perfect ease of use, the clamshell design of the VS2 incorporates the ,one push auto open, function. Simply flip VS2 open with just a push of a button at the hinge.

Jazz up messages in a way that only Panasonic phones can offer. As with the new Panasonic SA, MX and SC series, VS2 allows easy insertion of 40 pre-set emoticons (pictographic symbols). The painstaking process of punching in symbol after symbol is now a thing of the past. Users can respond to and send out SMSes fast.

Smart enough to recognize emoticons in received messages, the light indicator on the phone lights up in different hues and patterns based on the emoticons present. For instance, users can expect the phone to warm up in red lights if ,smileys, are within the message. It is the new dawn of colorful messaging indeed.

The VS2 will be scheduled for official launch in the Asia Pacific region in July/August 2005.

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Photo Gallery
Panasonic VS2 photo 1
Panasonic VS2 photo 2
Panasonic VS2 photo 3
Panasonic VS2 photo 4
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