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Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray comments

Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray comments
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Retail Price: RM 770
AP Price: RM 690 - 705
Sony Ericsson Xperia ray a stunning new smartphone with a 3.3 inch screen and running the latest Android platform for smartphones (Gingerbread 2.3), the phone packs in a powerful 1Ghz processor, Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine, a 8.1mp camera with Exmor R for mobile and HD video functionality.
Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray user comments / reviews :

Posted On : February 04, 2013
salam. xperia ray nie lepas raye agak-agak bole dpt berape ek ??? penang especially

Posted On : November 23, 2012
tpon nie kat area terengganu berape harga dye eh

Posted On : October 03, 2012
ak nk taw best x pkai phone ni? ade kkurngn pe yek?

Posted On : September 14, 2012
tk byk kelemahan hp ni... rasa cuma skrin je yg kecik n tkde butg shutter kamera... lain2 smua tiptop. dgn hrga rm700++ hp ni berbaloi. tp jgn upgrade 4.0 jee. kamera 8mp dgn exmor r. speaker kuat. nipis. laju sbb 1ghz cpu

Posted On : August 10, 2012
ape kelemahan hp xperia ray

Posted On : July 19, 2012
ica , nk let go rm350? cne nk pm?

Posted On : July 12, 2012
hp ni ada whatapp... oklah.. saya nk let go rm350.. sbb skrg dh pakai note

Posted On : July 09, 2012
siapa dah pakai xperia ray ni boleh share tak whether hp ni boleh guna tuk Viber and Whatsapp tak? Thanks so much for your sharing... sharing is caring :)

Posted On : May 29, 2012
salam. xperia ray nie lepas raye agak-agak bole dpt berape ek ??? penang especially

Posted On : May 06, 2012
berapa harga xperia ray ori di kl?
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