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Sony Ericsson W610i comments

Sony Ericsson W610i comments
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Retail Price: RM 560
AP Price: RM 455 - 470
The W610 Walkman?phone is all about the detail, whether this is detail in design that builds on the look of earlier Walkman?phones or the detailed combination of mobile music with a credible digital camera.
Sony Ericsson W610i user comments / reviews :

Posted On : June 27, 2012
fon pmbrian abg aq mse tahun 2009 smpai skrang masih ok.,x pnh hang cm se x8 aq ni,.i luv dis fon.,huhuhu

Posted On : January 31, 2009
oic. thanks asam.
w810i music player reli slow. w660i better.
thank you for answer my questions.

Posted On : January 30, 2009
w610i and w810i camera function also the same?
function maybe same,but w810i have great display than w610i

picture quality is better than other phone for 2mp.
the only problem is the music/mp3 too slow.

w610i is great.only if you comfortable with the keypad.
even my friend complaint about the keypad.

w660i is great too with 3G,nice music,nice keypad
nice design,nice camera too. and..nice price

Posted On : January 30, 2009
thx asam.
actually i'm w810i user too. but my fon screen got prob,cant display.
so i wonder nit to repair it (100+) or buy a new hp..

can i ask you another question?
in se web site,it shown that the w610i and w810i camera function also the same.
so what the different oh?
you mean the picture quality or blur or shake?
thanks thanks for answer. thx

Posted On : January 30, 2009
im using w810i and my friend using w660i and w610i.
in my opinion

w810i-best camera
w610i-best music
w660i-3g,best music.

i am the w810i user,will go for w660i

Posted On : January 29, 2009
w810i ,w610i and w660i which better?????
can anyone answer me????
this hp with digital zoom 2.5x?
but in this web site,it shown no digital zoom de?

Posted On : December 14, 2008
i bought it at august 2007, all i can say its well worth the money, its an awesome phone, awesome music player(with headphones of course), horrible camera to be honest, but well its a walkman phone so camera issue, uncalled for. for the key pad for kaki sms, it took my 2 weeks to get used to it, and trust me, i am a sms freak, the key pads isn't a bother after you get used to it

Posted On : September 29, 2008
w810 and w610 i can say that they are super well,nice.
strongly recommend this two tough phones..they are worth it
but i like w610i , it look more slimmer and cool, haha ,
hope the radiation wont so strong .. lol
like me .. i'm not kaki sms , seldom sms...i checked other website giving their opinion , they are satisfied with it, m2 can support up to 4gb, must update the latest firmware of the phone lar.. prevent any unhappy things happen.
i'm Going to buy at the end of the october.. i cant wait to get it XD
W610i good ar!


Posted On : August 27, 2008
Hi,i just bought this SE W610i on of my SE K510i.nice phone,just it has a small keypad, not comfortable for 'kaki sms',but others application ok.actually i want to buy SE W660i but dun noe why 'terbuy' this phone,mayb of it's beautiful design.anyway it worth buy phone with mid-range bdget..

Posted On : July 28, 2008
try to use manual settings la for taking pic using ur k550..not all situations@place can use auto setting to take good pic... withal, it's a cybrshot got those cybershot settings to play with..
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