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Sony Ericsson W610i review

Sony Ericsson W610i review
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Retail Price: RM 560
AP Price: RM 455 - 470
The W610 Walkman?phone is all about the detail, whether this is detail in design that builds on the look of earlier Walkman?phones or the detailed combination of mobile music with a credible digital camera.
Review On : Sony Ericsson W610i
If you find your daily commute to the office boring and would like to shut out the deafening noise around you, the Sony Ericsson W610i may just be the phone for you. 

The W610i is another music phone in Sony Ericsson's long line of Walkman branded phones.  

So, if you can't decide between getting an MP3 player or a new mobile phone. Why not get the best of both worlds? 

Nice Design 

Designed to be compact, the W610i is a great mobile phone to have if you are looking for a quick fix of music when things wind down to a crawl. 

The W610i is a very portable lightweight phone. Weighing only 93g, even with the battery inside, the phone feels really light. Being so light, it is easy to forget that it is in your pocket. 

It is worth noting that the W610i has a bright QVGA display that boasts some really pretty colours.  

Better still, the screen is bright enough to be read under direct sunlight. There are plenty of great looking preinstalled themes that compliment the phone's orientation as MP3 player.  

From funky strobe lights to colourful spots of wet paint, the themes provide some pretty eye candy.  

The user interface is of standard Sony Ericsson design, which makes it easy to learn and use. Even if you are a first time user, you will be using the phone like a pro in no time. 

The W610i also comes with other standard mobile phone functions like calendar, task manager, notes and calculator to complete the offering. 

Pumping up the volume 

It is obvious that the W610i is a phone designed primarily for playing music. There's a handy Walkman shortcut button that allows you to quickly access your music collection. 

I quickly got used to the upgraded Walkman Player 2.0. The flashy menu system is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use allowing you to search through your music collection by artist, album or playlist. 

Music sounded crisp and clear while listening on the stereo headphones, which nicely isolates your music from ambient noise.  

The speakers are loud enough to be heard in a crowded area, a good Feature if you need to answer an important call. 

However, I was a little disappointed that the W610i's speakers delivered rather hollow sounding tunes that truly sounded like a step backward in comparison with the very first Walkman phone, the W800i. 

I have to agree that most music phones are better off being heard with a pair of headphones but it is sad to note that my MP3 ringtones won't sound nice and crisp when I receive a call. 

Uncomfortable messaging 

Just like how mobile phones have shrunk in size, so too have their keys.  

While I had no qualms using small keys in the past, I found the W610i's keys are a tad too small and are placed too close to each other.  

I was still able to type messages, though with great difficulty as I kept hitting the wrong keys. 

SMALL KEYS: The W610i's keys are small and this makes messaging uncomfortable.
On the plus side, the navigation pad feels responsive and is an improvement over the older joystick designs.  

However, it does feel a little uncomfortable using it because it is oddly shaped. 

Other features 

I found the phone's 2-megapixel Camera produced decent quality photos when shooting under brightly lit conditions.  

Focusing on subjects is made easy with the autofocus feature.  

CAMERA PHONE: The W610i has a 2-megapixel camera that produces decent quality photos when shooting under brightly lit conditions.
There is even the option to set the focus to infinity if you are in a hurry and have no time to focus at all.  

However, I usually got blurry photos when I did this. 

Most of the camera functions are the same that you would find in other Sony Ericsson phones of the same make, though it is interesting to note that the W610i does include an LED light. 

The camera is also capable of shooting short videos at 176 x 144pixels.  

At that resolution, it goes without saying that you won't be getting any video recordings that can be considered viewable with this camera. 

The W610i also supports picture blogging, a useful feature that compliments the built-in camera.  

With picture blogging, users can quickly upload pictures they have taken onto their blogs. 

Track ID is a useful app that neatly compliments the W610i's focus on music íV just let it record a five seconds clip of any part of a song and it will identify the song. 

It can come in handy if you can't remember the title of the song or artist. 


To wrap things up, the W610i is a well-rounded phone that does just about everything you need from taking pictures, playing music and organising your busy schedule. 

The W610i benefits from features like Track ID, picture blogging and a handy timeline picture viewer that is found in Cybershot phones. 

While it may not have great speakers and is poor at capturing videos, the W610i is a highly usable feature-packed phone that is both easy-to-use and reliable. 

Pros: Nice screen; decent camera; excellent music playback 

Cons: Small keys; poor video recording. 

DISPLAY: 2in QVGA LCD (262,000 colours)
CAMERA: 2-megapixels
Connectivity: GSM 900/180/1900, EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP, USB
EXPANSION SLOT: Memory Stick Micro (M2), 512MB card included
STANDBY/TALK TIME: 350 hours/7 hours
OTHER FEATURES: Walkman Player 2.0, speakerphone, organiser, calculator, Track ID
DIMENSIONS (W X D X H): 102 x 46 x 14mm
PRICE: RM1,059
Review unit courtesy of Sony Ericsson Malaysia, 1-800-88-9900

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