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Sony Ericsson W508i comments

Sony Ericsson W508i comments
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Retail Price: RM 515
AP Price: RM 440 - 455
Sony Ericsson W508 is the second new phone unveiled by the Swedish-Japanese venture. It is a walkman phone comes in a clamshell form factor and it somewhat resembles the W980.
Sony Ericsson W508i user comments / reviews :

Posted On : January 25, 2010
solan nie can ntah pape cikit...
ape beza fon ori n ap???

Posted On : January 25, 2010
i bought dis fon today..24 jan 2010..
it is a great n nice design fr sony..
soooo worthhh buying..:)

Posted On : January 24, 2010
kecik: awak beli AP set ke? Coz Ori tak semurah tu kan? AP ada juga additional cover pun? nak beli jugak... huhu...

Posted On : January 24, 2010
tt, yes it does light up. tapi kat tepi ada lock key. if it's locked, then tak menyala. so just unlock it and it'll menyala :)

Posted On : January 24, 2010
one more i buy for RM530

Posted On : January 24, 2010
frgot about the warrenty 1year

Posted On : January 24, 2010
i bought this 16.1.2010 ap set

what do i get in the box ?

=usb cable
=1gb memory card
=user guide
= and extra housing

this phone specs

#camera 3.2 megapixel
#shake control
#motion sensor
#3d games

that all i know xD

btw this phone is very COOOOOOOOL!!!!

Posted On : January 01, 2010
Salam all. I just bought this phone yesterday. original. from authorized dealer.
I'm very curious - Is the bigger circle at the centre supposed to light up? I feel that it should, but mine doesn't. What about yours?

ps: In the pictures from SonyEricsson web, it does light up. I'm so cuak right now.

Posted On : December 31, 2009
berapa harga orii? n what is d diffrnce btwn ap n ori??

Posted On : December 27, 2009
I freakin love this phone. Has been using it for a month, and so far, no
problem occurs. I love the fact that the cover is changeable..very creative
indeed. has 3G function (tgk kat camera near the internal screen).

Definitely worth buying!
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