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Sony Ericsson W380i

Sony Ericsson W380i
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Retail Price: RM 440
AP Price: RM 385 - 400
Hear it, Name it, Play it, Get it
The Sony Ericsson W380i Walkman phone comes complete with Media Manager PC software that lets you easily transfer your music, photos and videos between your computer and phone. Simply point, click and drag your music files from your computer to your phone – the software automatically converts your music to the right format.

Store hours of your favourite music (up to 271 songs*) on the W380’s 512 MB Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) or tune in to your favourite FM radio station.

Hear a song on the radio you don’t recognise but really like? Use the W380’s TrackID™ feature to tag a clip from the phone’s radio (or any external source) and find out instantly who sings it, what it’s called and which album it’s from. The TrackID™ functionality, available on the W380, the W890 and a host of other Walkman® phones – is one of the phones’ most popular features. Latest figures show that every second, someone, somewhere, is using TrackID™ to identify a song they love.

Once you have identified the song, get it onto your phone in just a few clicks via PlayNow™. Or browse through the latest full-length music tracks, mobile games, MP3 ringtones and wallpapers – all available from PlayNow™ straight to your W380 Walkman® phone or via your PC.

Take it to the top
The W380 Walkman® phone brings your music to the surface of the phone, allowing you to control what you’re listening to without needing to open the phone. Skip forward or backwards between tracks or pause the music effortlessly. One-touch buttons on the top of the phone light up when the Walkman® player is switched on and a hidden display comes to life, providing track information at a glance.

When not in use, the W380 Walkman® phone looks discreet and laid-back from the outside. But as soon as you receive a call or play music, it comes alive. Choose different light effects for different callers, and see your music ‘dance’ when the phone’s lights match the beat of your favourite song.

Keep your hands off!
Mute your phone with a wave of your hand. Or snooze the alarm if you’re lying in bed. The W380’s Gesture Control feature allows true ‘handsfree’ handling of your calls for the first time – show it off to your friends!

Accessorise it
To enjoy your music discreetly when you’re in public, choose a great headset to go with it. Pick from the Stereo Portable Headset HPM-83 or the Stereo Bluetooth™ Headset HBH-DS200 if you want to stream music wirelessly from your phone.

The W380 is a GSM/EDGE/GPRS 850/1800/1900 and 900/1800/1900 clamshell phone and will be available in selected markets from Q1 2008.

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Sony Ericsson W380i - review
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Photo Gallery
Sony Ericsson W380i photo 1
Sony Ericsson W380i photo 2
Sony Ericsson W380i photo 3
Sony Ericsson W380i photo 4
Top Videos
Sony Ericsson W380i - review
Time: 2:12
Sony Ericsson W380 Preview
Time: 2:04
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User Comment
Posted On : May 24, 2011
hp ni ok.dah brapa kali terjatuh still ok,janji jgn jatuh kat divider antr
lipatan phone tu.coz skali jatuh,wayar kat dlam akan bergegar n rosak la
lubang charger dye...hp ni xde video cam xp bleh simpan video.tmpt
smpan memory pown dlm kedudukan yg best sbb kbyakkkan hp len
simpan kt tepi xp hp nie smpan kt dlm.

nih da 1 rahsia ttg hp nie.
w/pown dye ckp bleh support 2GB memory xp sbnarnya bleh smpan 4GB
memory.ku dah try =)

hp nie jugak bleh support member2 blog sbb ada apps tok blogger.

hp nie seperti hp yg len senang rusak klo x jga bek2.lain lah klo ko guna
hp nokia zaman purba kala...jatuh beribu kali pown w/pown kt tandas
skali pown
Posted On : May 24, 2011
to someone:hp nie skrang harga nyer RM200++

Posted On : September 23, 2010
rupa bntk je cntik..
tp hampeh..
mudah usak..
key pad xbez lnsg..
xley amik vide0..
cam xbez...

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