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Sony Ericsson K750i review

Sony Ericsson K750i review
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The Sony Ericsson K750i is a triband phone (900/1800/1900 MHz) with a 2 megapixel camera, 32MB internal memory plus Memory Stick Duo card slot, Bluetooth, USB and a MP3 player and FM Radio.
Review On : Sony Ericsson K750i
By Shaolinmonk
So here you have boys the k750i in all its glory. The k750i is a tri-band 900/1800/1900 phone. With expandable memory up to 2 gigabyte I think and a 2 mega pixel CMOS Camera. It's in Sony Ericsson's classic candy bar format.

On to the show
My k750i is a Hong Kong version with Chinese support rocking firmware R1A044.
Contents : The k750i, 900 mAh battery (BST-37), 64 ms duo (adapter), charger, data cable, CD-Rom, manuals, silver Sony Ericsson strap and stereo headphones.
To be honest I'm not absolutely in love with the looks of the phone, the screen seems to be small and unbalanced to the rest of the body. SE should have made the screen bigger. Right now seems to be the same size as the k700i screen.
Reception/call quality
I haven't talked on it much yet so far no major breaks ups or issues. If we just look at the bars it has fewer bars in my room when compared to the v802 with z800 firmware. We all know by now bars don't mean much as long as you can make the call and the k750i was able to.
Audio is sufficient loud and up to typical SE standards. The earpiece is louder then the v802 which was a little low.
Battery life
Looks like it will perform like a champ again… it's rocking the same battery as the v802 so it'll have enough juice to perform all its functions. I don't see any k700i battery issues here.

Supposedly we've SE has thrown in a 262k screen, well they could've fooled me looks pretty much the same as the k700i screen. (4 stars fine screen.) But the k750i does not measure up in screen quality to the lovely s710a screen. It's a lot better then the v802 screen though. Colors are solid and vibrant no complaints here. Well maybe if it was bigger, I don't mind the phone to be a bit bigger but anyway I'll deal with it.
Well to be honest I was expecting much change from this menu versus the v802 but I was wrong, SE has improved upon the menu and added a few more little nice touches.
I love my speakerphones and you can have the speakerphone accessed ala Motorola now upon dialing. I guess they're listening to some of us out here the menu is fast and nicely animated like the v802. Everything has been well laid out and transitions are smooth… I can only expect revised firm wares to polish it even more. So all you complainers about how slow the SE UI is try a k750i and v802 and you won't be disappointed.

Overall, there hasn't been any major change so I won't have much to blab about. But as always post and I'll give responses.
SE's listening again you can now view your videos in horizontal format. Video seems nice and smooth no major lags on hiccups.
The new mp3 player in the k750i rocks! It's easily the best in terms of sound quality I've ever heard. It's nice and FAT/FULL if you like the bass. The new headphones also fit in my ears better. I thought it would pretty much be like the v802 but it's much better.

About the new connector I have a feeling people may be breaking a few of these cause they go in and you pull it out, you can't bend up and down to take it off like the old SE ones. That means if you bend it by accident I'm sure it'll snap right off.
Standard SE stuff here, everything works. Bluetooth speeds are in the 50-60kb's. Data seems to be working fine. Haven't tested MMS or the email client yet but it's all been setup typical SE style.
Well I guess that' everything, all we got left is the camera the lovely 2.0 mega pixel camera. Is the camera good? Freaking awesome ... I just recently had a NEC 840 so I have something to compare to.
But in general the k750i follows the traditional SE d/c setup and has all the little setting again. The auto focus is a very nice touch. The pictures seem excessively large though we're talking 500+kb a picture which takes a few seconds to save. Mine doesn't have the camera sound disabled in silent.
Pictures taken with my k750i
k750i k750i k750i
Random outdoor shotsNec 840 outdoor
k750i k750i k750i
Macro mode, auto lighting flash and night mode


Is the SE k750i worth it? Hmmm… well I would expect this to be a great buy in the RM1600 - RM1800 range. It does everything I need it too and more… the OS is stable and I've seen no bugs yet. It's nice and small and the buttons are nicely spaced now, the k700i felt cramped. I loved my v802 but the poor cam made me want a slight upgrade and the k750i provides that and a little more.
Last note
The phone charges a little faster now… 2 hours… and it's all set and ready to go… also IMO the w800, d750i and k750i are all the same **** phone.. We'll be able to flash them into each other and change the housings if you want but I could be wrong.
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