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Siemens SL45i

Siemens SL45i
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The SL45i – a stylish and high performance mobile phone that integrates Java™ Wireless Technology to bring you new opportunities for personalization and more flexibility in your mobile life. Building on the success of the SL45, Siemens has incorporated a Java™ platform in compliance with Sun Microsystems’ MIDP* standard, making the SL45i the ultimate accessory for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. The SL45i offers you a real opportunity to choose the applications and features most relevant to your lifestyle. In addition to your preinstalled application package, which includes several exciting games, an email client, a cocktail manager and much more, a great variety of fun and informative applications can be downloaded straight onto the device by either visiting WAP-sites which offer Java™ applications and using the “over-the-air” download technique or by downloading Java™ applications from the Internet to a PC and transferring them to the mobile phone. With a 32MB exchangeable MultiMediaCard™ (MMC), the available memory of the SL45i is greatly enhanced and applications can be stored, changed and played more effectively – ensuring that this mobile phone is always original and exciting to use.
Extra Features:
MP3 Player & Headset - The SL45i has a built-in MP3 player. So it can have the blues, or any other style of music saved on its standard 32 MB MultiMediaCard™. That means up to 45 minutes of CD-quality music*** whenever, wherever you want it. Simply transfer your favourite MP3 files from your PC to the phone, and away you go.
Professional digital voice recorder -The SL45i can also be used as a professional digital voice recorder. It can save up to 5 hours of thoughts, conversations or interviews which you can then easily transfer to your PC and convert it to WAV files. The PTT headset works simultaneously as a remote control, and the phone´s advanced editing system means you can name, edit and sort your digital voice recordings as you please. So share some thoughts with your SL45i - but don´t forget: it´ll remember everything you say.
WAP -The SL45i has mobile Internet access. So you can get the best of the mobile WAP world on the phone´s seven line, high-resolution display. Look up information on news, sports, finance or weather. Book flights, order tickets, shop for books or CDs, buy and sell stocks – it´s all possible with mobile Internet access and the SL45i´s advanced WAP browser.
Organizer/MultiMediaCard™ - The SL45i is delivered with a 32 Megabyte MultiMediaCard™. That means saving up to 45 minutes of your favourite music*, five hours of digital voice recordings, the address of everyone you ever met (with up to 14 sub-entries), and much more. Just plug and play, or organize, or up- and download - it’s that easy!
Smart Phone Features - Voice command and voice dialling add an extra degree of convenience to your SL45i. So too does the desktop charger and Sync Station, just plug into your PC and drag and to fully organize your files. Looking for something? The 4-way cursor effectively gives single button control. Save time too by pre-programming for multiple one-key speed access. And, for SMS, intelligent typing (T9) speeds your words upon their way.
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it s the best phone. Please conntact me if you have one.
December 26, 2012
RM 100
  • Name : Juris
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  • Location : Riga
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