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Siemens SK65

Siemens SK65
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By Chris (Guest Contributor - Holland)

There exist moments in life in which you know what to do! In this case I saw the SK65 and I only thought about one thing: MINE, MINE, MINE! That happened a few weeks ago and now the time of arriving has come because of the’s Santa Claus! My SK65, my new baby! Since two days I’m still pressing, clicking and rotating again and again, an in addition to that even stroking sometimes…. By chance, I’ve forget it opened on a friend’s table, the jealous glances and questions followed…. I’ve send SMS, MMS and Emails. Play games, install applications and manage appointments and even call! Short: That thing was extremely used by me so that I can tell you my experiences now, if you want or not..-)

Which version was tested?
The SK65 will be exist in three versions: Two of them have got the BlackBerry Built-In-technology. Cause of this it’s possible that the user is able to choose between BlackBerry Web Client (most of all for mail systems of small home offices) and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. The last named system could be used in large enterprises and it is possible to connect to the enterprise’s server by using firewall of MS-exchange and Lotus-Domino-Systems.

The third version which was tested by myself hasn’t got a BlackBerry system. Instead of this you can find a standard Mail client. Strangely, the Siemens announced PTT function is not installed, but maybe it will come…

My mobile phone has got the 34 firmware version and was produced on Nov 4th, 2004 with a completely German menu nevertheless it has got a qwerty keyboard. From 64MB you can use 34MB free space on this without branding, of course.

Design, Scope of supply, Packing and Processing
In the usual standard packing, unfortunately green coloured, one can merely find the battery, battery charger, handbook and one cd. I would be lucky about a data cable… The mobile phone’s assimilation is very good! The noble optic is underlined by the material’s selection. Nothing seems like plastic! The “x2type” “crossTOtype” mechanism works wonderful and creates a good impression. A metal mechanism prevents that the phone opens or closes itself unintentional “thank God” Siemens don’t use plastic despite the higher weight.

The design….what should I say…? One can argue about taste! In my opinion the optics are perfect. Unfortunately I’m not able to show it on the photos. Below daylight the SK65 looks very noble. The black piano paint on the surface is that stylish so I always want to polish the surface. And then when it becomes dark……(don’t ever turn on the light when you turn of the Sk for the first time)…the optic gets more, when the whole keyboard shines in shiny red. According to that all the lights of the tune car drivers seem to be a joke unfortunately this look causes that you see every fingerprint. But lately I always have by chance always a soft hankerchief in my bag seriously: I fear that the surface will get a lot of scratches during the hard business life…but that’ll show time!

A few wishes according to weight and size: the SK65 is not small! 120x47x22 mm is not little, 144 g are like 1,5 chocolate. But nevertheless it doesn’t feel big! If it’s closed, unknowing people would say how big it is but if you show them the whole keyboard it has a “amazing that you can put so much in such a little mobile phone” effect. I think it is an awesome compromise between function and size.

All things to press
Yes, one can push al lot of things. Let’s start with the operation in closed form. Particularly good, I think, is the navigation concept in the middle. The SK hasn’t got a Joystick and it looks like the Sendo X. Here it acts over a 4-way-jack which encloses a further button. It offers the same functions with a better operation possibility. This navigation easily beats the 65ers versions and the SX1’s Joysticks. On the left and on the right side there is a further jack which can be pushed up and down. In each case above, one can find the display keys and among there are the typical accept and hang up keys. On the right side of the housing there are two further keys. The key above is occupied with the calendar. If you want to change it, press the key for a longer time. The keys among it is he typical Siemens Occupation, the dictating machine.

In closed form the numbers block behaves like a block on a normal mobile phone. It is possible to type usual like with a Siemens phone, however it would be absurdly to type with the standard keyboard which can be used very good because of its good pressure point and its great size.

The QWERTY keyboard behaves like the numbers. Here, too, all keys have got a good pressure point and the distance is tall enough. Because of the keys’ angled form you can feel without looking at the keyboard when you reached a new key. And I can tell you, my fingers are not thinly. If you open the phone the number-key-board automatically changes into a purely numbers block. On both sides it exist “shift” keys to write big letters. Special signs could be used if you are pressing a special button only once before pressing the button you want to. After 2 days working with the phone you can write messages quickly and, of course, faster than with other mobile phones which are using T9.

A further little thing is, the SK is not responsible for, that I’m using a “Logitech” keyboard for writing at the computer, which likewise separates ergonomically. Unfortunately the separation could be found on the left of the “B”. However, on the SK keyboard the “B” lies on the right side. But I think this is an accustoms factor.

The monitor, which also called display
… because Siemens uses the standard 65 display with a size of 2,05. The TFT’s dissolution amounts to 132x176 Pixel with 65.536 colors. That means you cannot deplore about it. About the quality likewise not, although there exist a lot of better displays. All things which are presented could be seen clearly, under sun exposure , too. The pictures looked good and of course, you can change brightness and contrast if you want to, briefly said: The display is not outstandingly, but does nothing wrong….-)

Software, Games & Appz
The on SK65 installed firmware works stably and there have appeared no problems since two days. The menu works very fast and even java tasks started quickly. In addition to that the phone supports SWUOTA, which means that you are able to update your system’s software “over the air”. In future you can take your phone without cable to the highest conditions.

The menu (known 3x3 icon design) is black/ anthracite coal coloured, you couldn’t find better designs. There are several other 65ers of Siemens coloured like this theme. One can find three other topics on board. If you are change one, you change the animations, sounds and backgrounds, too.

The directory makes clear, which direction was selected by the SK65. For all business men the directory was extended (S65) from 1000 up till 2000 possible entries. One can entry addresses, phone, mobile phone and fax numbers, mailing addresses messenger numbers, birthdays and so on……

Siemens has packed up 3 games for meeting breaks: chess, golf, and the absolutely strategic game sea war. Here one find a business level, too. To examine the phone regarding to its game fitness I have installed 3 more games, owing to Astrid from Gameloft. This process didn’t point out any problems. Unfortunately the large keyboard does not give you an advantage when you are playing Vans, AsphaltUrban and Prince of Persia.

The installed applications are “manager fit”, too: One viewer for word and excel documents, one for PDF files, the “emergency phone book” gives you all call numbers of several countries. When you play your next golf play, forget paper and a something to write, use the “Golf Score Card”. The “Mobile Safe Directory” codes files and the “Survival Dictionary” contains the most important phrases in German or other languages. The organizer has got the following functions: calendar, dates, tasks, notes, and by the way, the dictating machine can take up 800 minutes. This is enough for many interviews I think…….

The menu “messages” hasn’t change. Fortunately it is possible to send multilateral MMS, and this even comfortably. Next to mails, MMS and SMS, there is the Wap-Push message now, which can be configure who is allowed to send you one or not.

“Notification Call Signals” plays the phone with 40 voices, MIDI or Wave. Unfortunately I’m not able to use my other tones further the phone does not support MMF.

In order to come to the end I would like to add that there aren’t any problems between the actually phone manager and the phone itselves. “Synching” and anything else works perfectly. Both with Outlook, and with Lotus Notes, owing to XTND Connect. The hole thing does work with Blue Tooth, IRDA or cable.

speech quality
…is good, like in all Siemens phones. I can understand all people calling me, all people can understand me, if I call them. That means, what can I add? Maybe that the “Free Speech Function” is useful to, as long the background noises are not too loud…. The thing with the cam…. What should I say? It’s missing! Totally! Not even the extern QuickPic cam could be connected. Surely, it is a business phone, but the S65 should it be, too. One can watch pictures an videos, but one cannot create any. What a pity. Well, now it is to late for arguing…it still hasn’t got any….:-(

My Conclusion
Yeah, the phone rocks. 64MB memory space, IRDA, GPRS, USB, Bluetooth, WAP und MIDP 2.0, completely Messaging equipment, directory and calendar entries till falling down! The SK65 transmits on all frequencies, is “synching” with anything which comes closer, even 3D games can be play with this business phone…only pictures, I’m not allowed to take any. Not even with 640 pixels, although there exist a nice “stick cam” with lightning. The few inadequacies are not suitable to talk about. Nothing the defiance it is my phone 3….2…..1…MINE! In my opinion it follows the SL 10D (first slider phone) and SL45i (first mobile phone with MP3, Java and MMC) because of its construction. To answer the question asked on the top: Yes, in my point of view it is legendarily.

Many more photos could be watched in the gallery.

Photo Gallery
Siemens SK65 photo 1
Siemens SK65 photo 2
Siemens SK65 photo 3
Photo Gallery
Siemens SK65 photo 1
Siemens SK65 photo 2
Siemens SK65 photo 3
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