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Sharp GX40

Sharp GX40
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Built-in Music Player with Great Features
Now it,s easier than ever to take your music with you as this model comes with a built-in, dynamic music player. You can even receive calls when listening to music just by pressing a button on the bundled Stereo Hands-free Kit. Never miss a call again. And, when you,re done with the phone, the music automatically starts from the same place it stopped.

Music Data Format Compatibility
This model is compatible with MP3, AAC, AAC+, and AAC+E to accommodate modern digital audio lifestyles.

Use the audio control keys for simple operability
Listening to your favourite songs has just become easier. Audio control keys on the front allow you to play, stop, fast forward, and rewind songs effortlessly with the mobile closed.

The 4-line external display on the front of the phone shows track information. With just one glance at the external display, you can check the title, artist name, and remaining time while listening to music.

Convenient Audio Remote-Controller
The Audio Remote-Controller (sold separately) has its own LCD and allows you to play or stop tracks even when the phone is in your bag or pocket.

Move your music to your mobile, effortlessly
The Music Manager software allows easy transfer of playlists and music data. Whether they,re from a CD or the Internet, you can transfer the downloaded music data to your model via a PC using a USB data cable, Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, or a miniSD™ memory card. This useful software enables you to edit playlists as well. When transferring playlists to the phone, the Music Manager automatically compares the music data in your PC with the phone and skips data already present, only transferring the new data.

True-to-life Music/Movie Ringtones
Download vibrant music or video clips from the Internet. Add a touch of originality to your mobile by using your favourite music/video clip as your ringtone or incoming call video.

Built-in FM tuner
You can save two radio station lists and recall your favourite stations with ease while you’re on the go. The FM tuner uses the wire of the Stereo Hands-free Kit as an antenna. Please be sure to use the bundled Stereo Hands-free Kit when listening to FM radio broadcasts.

Easy registration with Auto Scan
The Auto Scan automatically registers up to 12 radio stations in one list. You can save two lists of radio stations, so you can switch between stations you listen to at home and at work.

Call up your favourite radio station
Press any button from [0] to [#] to directly call up your programmed radio station. For example, when you switch to List 1 and press [3], you can listen to the 100.90 MHz programme.

Java™ MIDP2.0 + VFX Phase 1 Compatibility
Playing games on your mobile can be just as exciting as playing on your game console as polygons are used in the games for a three-dimensional effect. Use Wap site to download quizzes and puzzles as well as action, sports, shooting, and role-playing games. The high-capacity model allows you to download up to 1MB Java™ applications.

Change the colour of the menu and even icons that match your style
In addition to the initial screen, you can select from two preset themes to customise the colour of the menu as well as change the icons and wallpaper. You can also download complete theme files from the Wap site.

Built-in 1.3-Megapixel High-quality Camera
Take still pictures in the maximum Quad-VGA size (960x1,280 pixels) with the 1.3-Megapixel camera. Use the digital zoom and close-up functions to shoot eye-catching still pictures.

Large 2.0-inch, 260k-colour LCD
Revolutionising phone display, this high-resolution QVGA (240x320 pixels) 2.0-inch TFT LCD shows images in an easy-to-see, large format. Vivid pictures and video clips with smooth motion can be displayed with this Sharp LCD technology.

Clear display of small characters allows Email to be read with ease When you access your Email or the Internet, the LCD will display small characters in high-contrast. You can also change the font size of the Email.

Wireless Communication with Bluetooth®
Since this model is compatible with Bluetooth®, you can transfer data with PCs, PDAs, and other mobiles. For increased versatility, Bluetooth® also offers Internet connection by using your model as a PC modem.

Transfer large files with miniSD™ memory cards
Making this model even more convenient is the miniSD™ memory card. It’s useful for storing and transferring large music, still, and video clip files. Note: The miniSD™ memory card and adapter are not provided in some areas.

Connect to a PC via USB data cable
The USB data cable is a fast and easy way to transfer large data files between this model and a PC.

Synchronise data with your PC
The Handset Manager allows you to keep your schedule and Contacts List up to date by synchronising with Microsoft® Outlook® on your PC.

Email (POP3) Access
As this model is compatible with Email, it’s easy to check Email sent to any of your personal accounts.

Sending text messages with SMS is simple. Using MMS to send pictures and video clips has become easier, since there is no need to switch from camera mode. Attach a picture or video clip to a message right after you’ve taken it and send them to your family and friends quickly.

40-chord Polyphonic Ringtone
Musical capability of this model matches 40-chord sounds. You can choose from pre-loaded ringtones or download more from the Wap site.

World Clock
There,s no need to set time zones or change the clock when going to a new time zone as the built-in world clock automatically adjusts itself wherever you go. It shows both the local time and the time in your home country.

Set the name and details of an appointment in the schedule, which displays either an entire month or week. You can also set place, category, start time, alarm, repeat appointments, or keep your schedule confidential.

Contacts List
Besides an internal memory Contacts List with space for up to 500 numbers, this model can use the Contacts List on a SIM card. For the internal memory Contacts List, you can assign specific ringtones, images, and video clips when certain people call.

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Photo Gallery
Sharp GX40 photo 1
Sharp GX40 photo 2
Sharp GX40 photo 3
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