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Samsung SGH-T500 price

Samsung SGH-T500 price
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Man made Jewelry - Eternally Glittering
The quest for glittering objects is an innate lust of human beings. It dates back to the beginning of human history. From the Gold Rush in the North America to the pursuit for diamonds in Africa based on exploiting slaves, human beings' longing for jewelry is age-old. Judging from the handset studded with 32 cubics and equipped with external LCD screen plus elegant glossy clolor, SGH-T500 is undoubtedly a man-made jewel. It looks just like a precious gem, a symbol of wealth and beauty. It is a jewel transformed into a female-centric mobile phone. With delicately cut edges giving brilliance comparable to diamond, SGH-T500's cubic zirconia is the crest of femeninity. like a diamond reflecting eternal beauty, SGH-T500 indicates the happiness women have dreamed of.The handset also glows exciting colors of valuable gems such as Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Pearl White and Topaz Gold. It is a good indication of how luxurious SGH-
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