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Samsung C3300K Champ review

Samsung C3300K Champ review
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Retail Price: RM 199
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Samsung C3300K Champ, an affordable touchscreen mobile from Samsung has a 2.4" QVGA resistive touchscreen, runs TouchWiz Lite, which features a homescreen with widgets arranged in a 3x3 grid. In addition, the device includes social networking integration, something that is part of the TouchWiz experience, along with Samsung Apps integration and Java support.

The Samsung C3300K Champ packs a 1000mAh battery, which is enough for 666 hours of standby, 12 hours of talk time, a microSD card slot for cards up to 8GB, a 3.5mm audio jack, quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, Bluetooth 2.1 and USB, It also features a 1.3MP camera, which can also record QCIF videos at 15fps.

Review On : Samsung C3300K Champ
At A Glance:
Pros :
- Lengthy standby time
- FM antenna in the device
- Small footprint
Cons :
- No 3G or WiFi
- 1.3MP Camera
- No Data cable in box
samsung champ review samsung champ review

The Samsung Champ is Samsung’s smallest touchscreen phone, a little smaller than the Samsung Corby. Apparently, there was a SCH-S339 Samsung Champ that was sold in India a few years ago but there is little to suggest that both phones are related in anyway, or that the current Champ is a continuation of the previous one’s product family.
In the box
- Transceiver unit
- 1 standard battery
- Charger set
- Headset
Exterior, Controls and Screen
The Champ has a stylus at the back of the device, and apparently the device caters to Asian languages such as Chinese and Vietnamese characters which are ‘assembled’ – for want of a better word - on the screen instead of pressing a combination of buttons to select from. There are four colours to choose from – brown, pink, white and our review unit came in black.
samsung champ review

Three buttons are below the 240 x 320 pixel, 256K TFT screen which is rated at 2.4 inches and the micro USB and headset jacks are on top of the device, whilst the volume toggle is on the left side and the lock/unlock key is on the right side of the phone.
Software, Applications and Games
The interface feels like a lighter version of the TouchWiz interface, and there are up to seven homescreens which can be filled with an assortment of applications. The basic programs are all there – Clocks, Calendar and Memo. There are shortcuts to social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and so forth. There is am image editor and a couple of clock applications including a stopwatch.
The initial main menu has three pages with a three by three grid totalling up to nine icons on each page.
There are three preloaded games in our phone, and they are Asphalt, Crazy Penguin and Pyramid Bloxx. Pyramid Bloxx is a puzzle game, the instructions weren’t clear enough but apparently you fit together coloured blocks in a certain way to get points and build pyramids. Crazy Penguin depicts abuse of penguins and is likely to have PETA and like organisations up in arms over the graphics. Asphalt is a racing game where you drive a car with reckless abandon and get points for breaking traffic rules.
The music is annoying and the games are just mindless drivel to while away the time. It is not exactly a key selling point of the phone and not being able to exit the Asphalt game with ease is enough for me to say that you have to be pretty empty upstairs to spend time on the games in this phone.
Camera, Video and
The camera is a 1.3 megapixel type, a little low for this day and age, and still just a slow as ever to record images when you press the shutter. Apparently, the Samsung Champ does a lot better at Audio than at Video, mainly because of the small screen and its QVGA resolution.
While the camera may be one of the weaker points of the Samsung Champ, the radio is probably the best feature of this phone. Usually, the FM radio requires that you plug in the headset and the wire of the headset then acts as the FM antenna. However, that is not needed in the Samsung Champ and the antenna is hidden inside the device. This is a huge improvement in the ease of use. Previously the wires would get all crossed and entangled and it was just so much of a hassle to use the radio function in the handphone. Putting the antenna inside the handphone itself is simply brilliant.
Internet Connectivity
This is a non-3G, non-WiFi device. Class 10 GPRS and Bluetooth are the main connectivity options here and it does not seem like the Champ is built for heavy Internet usage.
The browser on this device is the Netfront 3.5 browser, which we understand is not the latest version. Anyway, browsing on such a small screen is unlikely to be the most satisfying experience. You can do it with ease, but that should not be the main reason for buying the Samsung Champ.
Editor’s Opinion
The Samsung Champ does not have 3G and Wi-Fi, but does FM radio very well. It appears to be an entry-level device for talk and text, and the battery should have enough juice to last a few hours of radio music usage. I would say that it makes a great backup device that you carry around in case the main phone runs out of juice or talk credit. Other than that it doesn’t do very much
Conclusion: Talk, Text and Music. Very little use otherwise.

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