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Sagem VS3

Sagem VS3
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The Sagem VS3 is the 3rd phone in the Vodafone "Simply" range after the VS1 and VS2 handsets. Unlike the previous two handsets, the VS3 is a much more conventional looking clamshell phone, but it still takes the "easy to use" features of the other "Simply" handsets and puts them in a straightforward to use package.

The VS3 is very similar with Sagem myC5-2. but with an internal antenna, and simpler keypad layout and an slightly improved display. The internal screen consists of a 128x160 pixel TFT display in 65,000 colours with a secondary 96x55 pixel monochrome display on the outside. The Sagem VS3 weighs only 76 grams, and come with a charger stand too. The VS3 has a speakerphone function, MMS messaging and some other basic functionality too. Since there,s no camera, Bluetooth, MP3 player or high resolution screen on the Sagem VS3, so it would be a pretty basic in technical terms for easy and simple communication.

Sagem have cleverly utilised the inside space of the clamshell design to make everything nice and easy to use, without making the handset too big or bulky. The Sagem VS3 truly shows the elegant design which likely to appeal to many people who weren,t even looking for a "simple" handset.

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Sagem VS3 photo 1
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Photo Gallery
Sagem VS3 photo 1
Sagem VS3 photo 2
Sagem VS3 photo 3
Sagem VS3 photo 4
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