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Philips S800

Philips S800
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MP3 playback and ringtone
Use the USB data cable to transfer MP3 music files to your phone for a superior audio experience on the go. You can also personalise your ringtone using your MP3 files.

128 Megabytes user memory.
Enjoy the convenience and fun of storing more pictures and MP3 music files on your phone with the 128MB buit-in user memory.

Integrated VGA digital camera
The integrated digital camera with VGA resolution (640x480 pixels) allows you to take high-quality pictures anytime, anywhere with your phone, then send them via MMS or email, or store the pictures in your phone,s memory.

Brilliant 65K colour display
Your phone,s main screen colour display brings you incredibly colourful images and pictures. USB mass storage Connect your phone to a computer using the USB data cable. No need to install any special software: your phone will automatically show up as a removable drive on your computer allowing you to simply drag and drop files to and from your phone.

Three pre-loaded games
Your phone comes with three preloaded games for you to enjoy hours of entertainment on the brilliant colour display. Simply go into the dedicated sub menu and select your favourite game

Photo Gallery
Philips S800 photo 1
Philips S800 photo 2
Philips S800 photo 3
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Photo Gallery
Philips S800 photo 1
Philips S800 photo 2
Philips S800 photo 3
Philips S800 photo 4
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