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Philips Fisio 820

Philips Fisio 820
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Philips Fisio 820 is the ideal choice for mobile phone users who demand today’s most advanced communication and messaging features. It is one of the first mobile phones on the market today that incorporates a large, full-color LCD display, Bluetooth connectivity, advanced GPRS, the ability to receive and store color pictures and graphics.

All these new models are among the smallest and lightest mobile phones. For example the Fisio 820 has a volume of only 77 cc and weighs only 85 grams, plus integrated antenna, making it a true pocket-size phone. This phone’s advanced features are underlined by a sophisticated, high-class design in a choice of satin-finish Sahara (light gold), Crystal (light blue) and striking, high-gloss Mars (red) colors.

Large color display
A distinctive feature of the Fisio 820 is the large 256-color display (112 x 112 pixels), which can show up to 9 lines of text, or 150 characters. With this advanced phone consumers can send and receive messages or attachments incorporating color pictures, text and melodies. Fisio 820 also offers consumers more opportunities to personalize their phones. For example, consumers can their favorite images such as wallpaper and screen savers. They can also create and modify their own images using the special ‘image companion?software that comes with the phone.

GPRS mobile Internet access and Bluetooth connectivity
The Fisio 820 incorporates the fastest, most advanced GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) technology available today for mobile Internet access. GPRS offers more then 4 times faster data transfer than the standard GSM network, which is ideal for sending e-mail attachments such as color pictures and graphics, and downloading files from the Internet.

In addition, the Bluetooth technology built into the phone enables wireless transmission of data signals between various Bluetooth-enabled electronic devices (such as phone, headset, PC and PDA) located within 10 meters of each other. For example, this allows the phone to be synchronized with a PC or PDA without the need for a connecting cable, or a call to be answered via the Bluetooth headset without having to take the phone out of a pocket or bag.

Voice Command / Voice Dial / Voice Message and Record function
The Fisio 820 offers up to 40 Voice Command or Voice Dial features to make the phone easier to use and to increase safety. Voice Command enables users to instruct the phone to perform specific functions, such as browsing the Internet, simply by saying e.g. ‘access the Internet? Voice Dial enables consumers to call a specific phone number simply by speaking the name of the person to be dialled, rather than physically dialling the number. And the Voice Record or Message function allows users to record a conversation or reminder messages of up to a total of 30 seconds.

Long operating times between recharges are ensured by Fisio 820’s talk time of up to 5?hours and standby time of up to 400 hours or more than 2 weeks from the standard 700 mAh Li-ion battery.

Key Features
- Bluetooth
- WAP 1.21
- Email client with picture attachments
- JPeg Application: colour pictures, screen saver, wallpaper can be resize/ create through. A PC software called "Image Companion"
- 256-color display (112 x 112 pixels) - 9 lines of text, or 150 characters - T9
- Voice dial
- Voice memo
- Calculator
- Euro converter

Photo Gallery
Philips Fisio 820 photo 1
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Photo Gallery
Philips Fisio 820 photo 1
Philips Fisio 820 photo 2
Philips Fisio 820 photo 3
Philips Fisio 820 photo 4
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