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Philips 960

Philips 960
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The 960 is the first Philips mobile phone with an integrated Real Music player that allows users to listen to MP3 and AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) music files.

It is possible to store up to eight hours of music in the resident memory, and extra capacity can easily be added by inserting an SD/MMC memory card into the phone’s card slot (the card is automatically recognized by the phone). Users can put together an extensive playlist and effectively use their phone as a portable jukebox.

An extremely convenient ‘drag and drop’ feature means individual songs and entire albums can be transferred to and from other media such as portable digital audio devices or PCs via a USB cable or wirelessly by Bluetooth™ or via a WAP connection.

The 960 is also a powerful imaging device. The integrated 2 megapixel digital camera takes excellent quality pictures at up to 1600x1200 resolution. Images can then be viewed in considerable detail on the exceptionally sharp 262K TFT LCD screen, shared with friends via MMS, or transferred to other media such as a PC and even print with a bright colorful quality.

The same applies to the high-quality video clips that can be made with the phone’s video recorder. Shooting at 30 frames per second, the end result has amazing clarity and accurate motion reproduction. As with music files, a memory card can be inserted to increase the capacity for pictures and video clips.

The housing of the 960 has an innovative ‘sliding’ movement that is functional, fashionable and fun. When closed it is at its most compact, yet users can still access all the multimedia features via the interface, centered on a screen-based menu grid. This has animated color icons for everything from entertainment, media player and camera to profiles, settings and connectivity.

The keypad slides out to allow number dialing and text input for messaging. When used as a phone it has a talk time of over four hours and a standby time of up to 300 hours. The attractive metallic finishing and compact design - it weighs just 95g - means the 960 is just as likely to be hung from a neck strap or belt than hidden in a pocket or bag.

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