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Pantech PG-6100

Pantech PG-6100
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Unique Design
If it is opened, it,s a complete cell phone. If it,s closed, it,s a full featured digital camera! The unique design of PG-6100 allows it to function as a cell phone and a digital camera at the same time. Unlike the general clamshell type phones, there¡¯s a second LCD on the back cover which is more suitable for taking pictures. We adjusted the thickness, the location of the key pad, etc. so the PG-6100 is more like a digital camera. The phone was designed with the user in mind.

The 2.0 mega pixel camera opens another world to

  • When taking pictures, you can adjust various size, quality and zoom in and out.
  • You can modify your photos using the built in image and test editor.
  • The built in self-timer, white balance, and illumination controls are just as good as a digital camera.
  • The built in Photomax Filter has 10 different editing functions.

    Video Recording
    The PG-6100 can record and playback better quality MJPEG videos. Better quality videos are achieved through brightness control and the use of a light (flash). Setting up Video Caller Id or Wallpaper with the video you recorded is easy and enhances the value of the video function.

    MP3 Player / FM Radio
    With PG-6100, there is no need to carry an MP3 player - just download your favorite music to the PG-6100 and enjoy your music anywhere. The PG-1600 plays MP3, AAC, AAC+ formats and it has repeat and shuffle functions. Also, you can decorate the MP3 player skin on your cell phone with photos. And if you run out of music there is always the FM radio to listen to.

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    Photo Gallery
    Pantech PG-6100 photo 1
    Pantech PG-6100 photo 2
    Pantech PG-6100 photo 3
    Pantech PG-6100 photo 4
    Photo Gallery
    Pantech PG-6100 photo 1
    Pantech PG-6100 photo 2
    Pantech PG-6100 photo 3
    Pantech PG-6100 photo 4
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