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O2 Cocoon

O2 Cocoon
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If you need music while you,re running, eating, daydreaming, sleeping, breathing, now all you need is... the O2 Cocoon.

Get instant access to your tunes while the phone,s open or closed, with dedicated music keys for the MP3 player. Use the adapter to plug in another set of headphones to share your music with a friend, or the external speakers to share your music with the world. You can store up to 500 high quality* songs and create playlists - it,s preloaded with tracks from Ash, The Doors and Paolo Nutini. Or you can listen to FM Radio. All for up to 15 hours. And you can see the station, artist or title of the track scrolling across the O2 Cocoon,s shell at the same time.

If music heats you up, calms you down, lets you drift off and switches you back on, get something as stylish, as technically savvy, as the best music players... the O2 Cocoon.

You never know what,s going to happen... when you,ll come across a blue moon, a black hole, a silver lining or a red herring. But when you do, you need a camera that,ll do it justice.

The O2 Cocoon. You can flash, zoom, and auto focus. Use the self timer. Save photos as wallpaper and set it to change every hour or every day. Store them in the O2 Cocoon,s library, and send them to friends as picture messages. When you,ve finished with the camera, try your imagination on for size - start the video, and see what happens...

LED Light display
If everything was the same, life would be dishwater. If everyone liked hot food, cold showers, fast cars, slow music.

We don,t want everything to be the same. That,s why we created a phone that,s a little different. Its smooth, white, outer shell is actually a screen. LEDs under the shell light up to show you who,s calling or texting, which artist, track or radio you,re listening to. And icons light up if you,ve missed a call, got a message, or the battery,s low. You can even control how bright the message is and how fast it scrolls. Place it in its Nest and the time will shine through the night...

The Nest
When you crawl under your duvet and drift off to sleep, the O2 Cocoon... stays awake. Place it in its Nest and it transforms into an alarm clock, with LED lights showing you the time all night. And you can wake up to the radio or your favourite song. Press snooze or listen for as long as you like, as the Nest simultaneously charges your O2 Cocoon. The speakers on the phone will transform it into a stereo or radio, to share your music with people around you. You can even put it in ,Cocoon mode, so you,re not disturbed if you get a phone call or a message.

The O2 Cocoon... a snapshot
The O2 Cocoon. An MP3 player, a video phone, FM radio, alarm clock, multimedia player, organiser and much, much more...

  • An organiser - install the PC Suite software from the CD to synchronise, update and back-up your contacts, calendar, address book and messages
  • Calculator - and converter too, change dollars into pounds, metres into miles, and almost anything you want
  • Memory stick - use Bluetooth® or the USB cable to save and move documents, music, images and videos between your O2 Cocoon and your computer
  • Games - preloaded with Tetris, The Sims2 Pets and Ice Hockey. Download more games from the 02 Games Arcade
  • LED light display - find out who,s calling, texting, what,s playing, whether the battery,s flat
  • The Nest - to recharge the O2 Cocoon, play your tunes to the world, and turn it into an alarm clock
  • Headset - for hands-free calling
  • Software
    • PC Suite® and the software driver so you can synch the O2 Cocoon with your computer
    • Windows Media Player 11® - so you can put your music on the O2 Cocoon easily
    • QuickTime® - so you can watch music videos on the phone
  • Customisation
    • Change the greeting, fonts and colours of the shortcut controls on the home screen.
    • keep a few contacts as picture icons for easy access.
    • See who,s calling and texting by adding a thumbnail photo to their contact details.
    • Give people their own individual ring tones
  • The O2 - The O2 Cocoon is a world-first: a phone that,s designed to give you exclusive content when you enter London,s hottest entertainment destination, The O2
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User Comment
Aswin Sidharth
Posted On : February 29, 2012
Wanted - New O2 Cocoon mobile price plzzz
Rudra tiwari
Posted On : June 4, 2011
I wnt o2 cocoon from where i can buy i wnt second hand or new
Posted On : January 5, 2011
6 month use o2 cocoon with BOX...7000/
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