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Nokia N81 comments

Nokia N81 comments
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Retail Price: RM 1,230
AP Price: RM 1,149 - 1,179
The Nokia N81 is the quad-band GSM/EDGE/3G slide-style musicphone. It sport a 2.4" QVGA display, 2 megapixel camera, 3.5 mm headphone jack, WiFi, Bluetooth with A2DP, 8GB memory, all running under Symbian OS 9.2 with S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1
Nokia N81 user comments / reviews :
syed rozlan

Posted On : May 03, 2008
I got 50 sets of N81 which I rampas for sale. Only RM500 each
chen jun

Posted On : May 01, 2008
which phone is better? N81 or i450??

Posted On : April 27, 2008
how much the price u want to sell for N81 8GB?

Posted On : April 18, 2008
dinaw,klu ko into game.. ak cdgkan ko angkat N81 8Gb..psl memory die pun bsr..leh store byk gem n music..hehe..hrge pun bleh thn jgk berbaloi drpd ko angkat yn N81(2Gb)...

Posted On : April 15, 2008
Nokia N81 8GB New & Unused Original Avaxx Warranty complete with Original Charger, Original Data Transfer Cable, Original Remote Headset, Original Battery & Software. Warranty will start from the date when you purchase this set. Genuine purchaser only. Call 019-3356128.

Posted On : April 14, 2008
boy aku yg nk angkat. actually kitorg dh de QD so nk rase game N81 ni plak. we r n-gage game freak ;) ko rase n81 or n81 8g better?

Posted On : April 12, 2008
klu ikut kate tokei kdai tu..bleh je men trus. x yah install pape s/ware lg... ko nak angkat N81 ke?

Posted On : April 09, 2008
game kt N-gage Qd tu leh masuk N81 la ye?

Posted On : April 09, 2008
N81 VS N95 N81 die bleh men sume gem yg ade dpasaran termasuk gem N-Gage punye... tp N95 x bleh men trus..kene install s/ware dlu pastu bry leh men... N95 siap dgn wifi n bleh dual slide (ats n bwh)...

Posted On : April 07, 2008
meow, ko duk area maner?
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