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Nokia Asha 300 comments

Nokia Asha 300 comments
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Retail Price: RM 320
AP Price: RM 274 - 284
The beautifully designed Nokia Asha 300 is a touch device which also offers the convenience of a keypad. The Nokia Asha 300 has a powerful 1GHz processor and 3G to deliver a faster Internet and social networking experience. The Nokia Browser allows for fast, affordable and localized Internet access by compressing web pages by up to 90%.

Users have fast access to messaging, email and instant messaging from the home screen and can swipe to access apps, music or games from the Nokia Store. The Nokia Asha 300 also arrives preloaded with the popular Angry Birds game.

The Nokia Asha 300 comes with a 5 megapixel camera, a music player, FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity and can handle memory cards up to 32GB. The price will vary by market and operator. The estimated retail price for the Nokia Asha 300 will be approximately 85 EUR, excluding taxes and subsidies. It is expected to start shipping in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Nokia Asha 300 user comments / reviews :

Posted On : March 26, 2013
Dah guna dekat setahun enset ni.. Mmg best..xde masalah langsung.. Orang kata ada masalah touch screen n keypad tp stakat ni xde pun.. Ikut nasib la..

Posted On : August 02, 2012
Sape2 berminat x hp ni.. zitron ori set baru 3 bulan guna (ade chop tarikh dibeli).. RM310 harga ditawar. Condition still 9.5 With Screen protector, Charger, dan under warranty lagi. Kalau berminat boleh kol saya 012- 5259793 (Kelvin)

Posted On : June 16, 2012
Hye allz, ei korg rasa hp nie ok x? Mcm berminat tp tgk xramai pun yg pakai?
Zulfiteri Abd Manaf

Posted On : April 04, 2012
Nampak cam bagus.. Tapi aku rasa kekurangan nya butang UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT xde. Kena pakai touch screen ke?

Posted On : December 06, 2011
aku dh beli jugak dr someone rm250 jep, full set no memory, tp 2nd la juz used 2weeks. so far ok cuma wlaupn procesor nya 1ghz, tp still ada lagging mayb coz ram kecik kowt. yg len2 ok, kamera 5mp, juz flash xde woi... aiya

Posted On : November 18, 2011
also known as Nokia300. RM320 at carrefour wangsa maju.

Posted On : November 07, 2011
awsome fone really....has xcellent features ...but the price tag is to be seen....if it ranges between 5k to 6k da model will rule the market for sometime to come after its launch.....10 out of 10 ...gud job nokia

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