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Nokia 6700 slide comments

Nokia 6700 slide comments
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Retail Price: RM 675
AP Price: RM 480 - 495
Nokia 6700 slide packs a 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and LED flash. It has all the right pedigree to be one of the best 5MP snappers out there, much like its classic sibling.
Nokia 6700 slide user comments / reviews :

Posted On : October 07, 2012
This is one of the most disappointing phone models I have ever owned. Within months, it starting hanging up frequently and restarting on its own. Since it has a metallic outer casing, it used to get hot (trust me, abnormally hot that it hurt my ears) while making a call. At first, it didnít use to h

Posted On : October 26, 2011
nokia c5.00 is better or 6700 slide?
nurul diana

Posted On : October 06, 2011
bagaimana kita nak upload gambar kita ke fb, melalui hpne...
Lance Lancer

Posted On : June 26, 2010
2730 or 6700slide better? which 1 is the best phone?

6700slide i know is stylish

Posted On : May 25, 2010
I checked Nokia site....the price of 6700 slide is Rs 9,999/-

Posted On : May 24, 2010
I bought it for RM820 last week. When I use the phone, the edge is quite sharp. I do not like the layout of the calendar, whereby when I use "to do", it shows all the "to do" include those yet to due.

In addition, the English predictve text or input is not user friendly compare to the older version. whereby, if the word you key in is not in the dictionary, you try to key in alphabet, it auto space on every alphabet you keyed in. Thus, I have to back space all the time.

Posted On : May 17, 2010
even i want to know the price of nokia 6700 slide..??
SE poyo

Posted On : March 26, 2010
hehehe better aku pakai jenis mcm nih dari aku pakai smart phone....

bai gua dah belanje banyak pakai smart phone yang poyo2 penamatnyer perabih duit aku bile sekali jatuh.menyusahkan

looking forward to this phone..bile agak2 nak launch? hoho

nak wifi nak youtube pakai laptop baru best.hp nih masok site2 yang penuh dgn incripted side habes smart phone ko..dah tak jadi smart. jadi bangang?

peace punk hahaha

Posted On : March 24, 2010
Hp ni xde wifi laaa.. zaman sekarang nak hp WAJIB ade wifi,3g,Garmin etc

Posted On : February 23, 2010
expected price is 190 Ä
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