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Nokia 6303i Classic comments

Nokia 6303i Classic comments
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Retail Price: N/A
AP Price: RM 370 - 385
The Nokia 6303i classic is a refreshed version of the 6303 classic candybar. This version of the phone does not bring a lot of new features, it actually packs more internal memory and has support for up to 8GB microSD cards. The downside of this new version is that it records video with lower quality than the 6303 classic - QVGA at 8 fps.
Nokia 6303i Classic user comments / reviews :

Posted On : December 07, 2011
hp ni bagus sgt, bateri thn lame, kamera bagus. Jatuh banyak kali pun takde effect pape.. tak nyesal beli~

Posted On : August 05, 2010
bun : haha, ley caya ka..?
nak2 satu....!
cari enset

Posted On : August 05, 2010
bun ade lg x fon nye..jual kt aku 1 der..

Posted On : August 02, 2010
enset ni aku ada 10 biji...aku jupe dlm beg kat bas stop...entah sape punyer.aku amik je tahan lama..

Posted On : July 08, 2010
its so good!!!!!!!!! just that

Posted On : June 22, 2010
takde org pakai phone ni? kalau ade mintak tolong bagi personal review sket.. tenkiu..

Posted On : May 31, 2010
I'm pretty sure this phone doesn't work with net10, You might want to check their website and see if their is a phone similar to this phone that might interest you. I hear wonderful things of net10 also. I know with net10 you don't have to pay for minutes you don't use which is really great.

Posted On : May 26, 2010
Man i really like the way that this phone looks. I bet it gets pretty good reception as well. Anybudy know if I can access this phone with a net10 plan? I need to use a company like net10 that has great coast to coast coverage at a good rate as i am always on the go with my business.

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