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Nokia 5070 comments

Nokia 5070 comments
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The Nokia 5070 is a triband GSM (900/1800/1900) or (850/1800/1900) camera phone offering comprehensive functions for easy messaging and voice communication, including MMS, Nokia Xpress audio messaging, email and push to talk. Browsing for news and uploading images and videos is convenient with the phone's XHTML browser and fast data connections through EDGE.
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Posted On : December 31, 2009
aku gune handset ni lah.
xlah mengecewakan sgt.
nk sms ok,amik gamba pun leh tahan.
tpi sedikit kcewa sbb xde memory card.
ohh,untk pnggemar lagu mcm aku,xde msalah.
bukak jele radio atau record lgu.
boddo !

Posted On : June 09, 2009
hp ni ok jika chat sms key padnya best. tapi kalau nak ambil gambar kecewa dengan mutu disply nya.
install now

Posted On : March 24, 2008
is a bad phones.. only can upload 2 songs in it.. it bored for me when i use it.. i use back my lovely w800i.. i hate nokia.. zaa.......

Posted On : February 27, 2008
aku cari tipon 6020, 6070 & 6080. y ok, bkan y da rosak yer.. heheheee..

Posted On : February 26, 2008
sound 2/5

Posted On : February 23, 2008
simple phone. ap set about 280-320. worth. u can xpct much on this. -shan-

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