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Motorola DEFY comments

Motorola DEFY comments
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Retail Price: RM 490
AP Price: N/A
Motorola DEFY is a slim, pocketable Android™ smartphone that comes equipped with advanced Web-browsing capabilities and a 3.7" high-resolution touch screen display, dust proof and water resistant, CrystalTalk® PLUS vanquishes noisy environments with two microphones, MOTOBLUR, which makes it even easier to manage all of your emails, messages and social updates in one easy place with the additions of filtering, resizable widgets, added corporate security and a versatile battery manager. An Adobe® Flash® Lite® enabled browser and 3.7" WVGA screen, 5-megapixel camera with flash, digital zoom and auto focus that lets users capture the best of their social life. DEFY is Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), access to Google™ services including Google Search™, Google Maps™ and Gmail™.
Motorola DEFY user comments / reviews :

Posted On : June 10, 2012
ive had this phone 4 a year now and it runs slower and freezes the batter has bumps on it and it hardly charges right, i haven't dropped it and its breaking, so in my opinion this phone is awe-full deff switing to Samsung galaxy 2 s.
rilmar junior

Posted On : November 01, 2011
i'm waiting for motorola droid razr

Posted On : September 10, 2011
my Defy was released in sept '10, but screen res higher than galaxy s plus, so much for samsung touting their AMOLED nonsense. moto offers the best value, atrix 4g is the best on market, but malaysians only see samsung,htc,apple advertising money.

Posted On : May 08, 2011

Posted On : May 04, 2011

Posted On : May 04, 2011
even if its 800 mhz you can over clock it untill 1.2ghz and under volt it at 68 or less. and also like safri says can was if dirty. i love going to mcd or kfc and i scare the ppl there by washing the phone along with my hands :D wakkakkakaa

Posted On : April 27, 2011
Maybe not much cheaper than ipong, HTC, or galaxy s, and the spec is well,

But this is my first phone that i can actually wash with water and have no
worry at all! what screen protector?screen wipes? nahhh just put it under
the tapwater!

Posted On : April 26, 2011
come on defy users...let's discuss about our phone..

Posted On : April 20, 2011
fuhh, RM 1600 for 800 GHz

Posted On : January 01, 2011
how much this phone cost?is it released in our market already?
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