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LG KP500 Cookie

LG KP500 Cookie
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Retail Price: RM 320
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LG KP500 Cookie - an attractively-priced full touch screen handset is complete with the latest touch technology and features found in the existing high-end full touch screen handsets currently available on the market.

With continuous advances in touch screen technology, the LG KP500 has LG's latest precision refinements for when the human touch meets the vivid digital screen. From LG's experience in producing stylish and sophisticated handsets, the LG KP500 also receives the same attention to the finer details. Slim-profiled and lightweight, the LG KP500 comes in black, Vandyke brown, Anodizing silver, and Elegant gold, giving consumers more choices for their personal tastes.

As a slim and stylish handset, the LG KP500 is a GSM phone which can operate in four frequency bands, giving it a far-reaching reception range, and upon its global release, the LG KP500 can be used in 39 languages. But no matter what language one speaks, the vivid and intuitive user interface of the LG KP500 is simple for anyone to understand with vivid icons on the wide 3 inch screen.

Keeping in touch with friends has never been easier as the LG KP500 has the latest UI that allows the user to attach a friend's photo for the speed dial feature and then page through the portraits and touch the friend to be called. "We optimized the user interface to keep the tactile operations smooth and simple which is necessary when you’re opening up a new technology to a wide group of people," said Skott Ahn. With such ease of use, LG expects to broaden the base of touch screen handset consumers around the world.

The LG KP500 has an embedded stylus pen concealed in the base that can be easily removed for the advanced handwriting recognition program that allows the user to write memos and text messages, and also edit photo images by touching the screen with the pen tip. The QWERTY onscreen keyboard slides into view when the LG-KP500 is held horizontally, and the auto rotating display always shifts images or documents for proper viewing no matter which way the handset is turned.

Also packed into the LG KP500 are motion sensor games that are played by turning, flipping, and shifting the handset for a more active and fun gaming experience.

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Time: 3:56
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Photo Gallery
LG KP500 Cookie photo 1
LG KP500 Cookie photo 2
LG KP500 Cookie photo 3
Top Videos
LG Cookie KP500 Unboxing
Time: 3:56
LG KP500 Cookie UI Overview
Time: 9:44
LG KP500 Unboxing
Time: 1:47
LG KP500 Cookie Review
Time: 8:26
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User Comment
Posted On : February 3, 2012
mobile no retan off pls help me
Camilla Magbitang
Posted On : December 9, 2011
Well its an awesome phone!! i have problems with what video format im going to put on i tried many formats but it still says "UNSUPPORTED" but ill figure it out soon :D
Posted On : August 3, 2010
my LG cookie works totally cool..
maybe you bought the pirated or imitated one's
my cookie will turn 1 yr this September.
Everything is fine & working smoothly.

Bad luck for you guys to experience those kind of things...
I've got hundreds of photos in my COOKIE & 500+ music in it.

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