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The tasteful black GIGABYTE GSmart MW998 is designed for the pure-black advocates, expressing a classic style that is always in tune. Its high resolution VGA screen displays true colors that will bring your eyes the ultimate sensation. <p> <b>Pocket Media Cente Pocket Media Center</b><BR> GSmart MW998 delivers a true visual feast through its 2.6 inches, 260k pixels VGA screen. GSmart MW998 delivers a true visual feast through its 2.6 inches, 260k pixels VGA screen. From Internet browsing to photo slideshow, GSmart MW998 presents images in exquisite details. So sit back and indulge yourself with a brand new experience of high quality images you can never see on QVGA screens. <p> <b>Classic Design Classic Design</b><BR> Flowing lines, smooth surface, centric circular keys, all cr&#101;ated in the principal of minimalism - this classic black design gives MW998 a mysterious undertone, making it a magnet of adoration and power. <p> <b>Smart Features Smart Features</b><BR> Exclusive phone management features provide blacklist to filter unwanted calls and background sound mix to camouflage your actual location. MW998 even records and stores caller messages and phone conversations in the device. SIM management shows the available storage space on your SIM card and lets you easily copy or del&#101;te multiple contacts. MW998 comes with Spb Backup, a useful data Backup tool to let you reserve copies of data and restore data easily. you can even make scheduled backups to ensure the important data is always secured. <p> <b>Speed Speed</b><BR> GSmart MW998 runs on Marvell PXA270 520 MHz CPU with the latest operating system, Windows Mobile 6 Professional, making communication and data management more efficient and powerful than ever. The USB 2.0 connection speeds up music, movie, and file transfer through ActiveSync and is 40 times faster than USB 1.1.
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GIGABYTE GSmart MW998 photo 1
Photo Gallery
GIGABYTE GSmart MW998 photo 1
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