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BenQ C30

BenQ C30
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Want a phone that,s loaded with style? One that,s not weighed down with frivolous functionality, but does give you easy access to fun features It puts instant entertainment right at your fingertips with dedicated controls for FM radio, music, and a camera on the top edge. If you care about style¡Xnot long laundry lists of obscure capabilities that clutter up the interface¡Xand want to put fun a button press away, the C30 is simply made for you.

Show your stuff
The C30 is designed to grab your attention and keep you riveted. The lively color scheme gives the C30 a vibrant visual appeal that is built upon by the cleanly laid-out translucent gel-like keys that magnify their text for easier viewing. And the smoothly contoured C30 is just the right size to easily grip and manipulate. All the sophisticated styling adds to the superior value of this phone, which has the hip looks and lively feel of a fashion accessory.

On the radio
The C30 build-in radio is another fun stuff to share with your crowd. You can use it as a radio and amazed all with its fabulous dual speaker performance. Furthermore, you can set your pre-recording function to record your favorite FM radio program.

Easy top easy fun
The quick access on the top for photo shooting, MP3, and FM radio takes you to the fun journey in just a button away. Just use your thumb to press the buttons pushed then you are ready to go.

Fun entertainment
When you want to hear your favorite tune, just press the MP3 player button and you¡¦re good to go. You can even share with your friends by using the integrated dual speakers. And when there¡¦s an interesting scene you want to capture, just press another button to snap a photo with the integrated camera. On the C30, the fun is easy to start and never has to stop.

Photo Gallery
BenQ C30 photo 1
BenQ C30 photo 2
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Photo Gallery
BenQ C30 photo 1
BenQ C30 photo 2
BenQ C30 photo 3
BenQ C30 photo 4
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